Full Service Marketing Company in NC

Redeemer’s Group, Inc is a digital marketing company located in Sanford, NC, helping the small business owners to market their service business.

Marketing Service Company in NC

Redeemers Group inc is a digital marketing company located in Spring Lake, NC, helping the small business owners to market their service business.

We’ve Got You Covered

Logo & Graphics Design

Starting your own business? New brand? Both tasks require a new appearance, which begins with your Logo and Graphics Design.

Social Media Management

Our goal is to implement the right strategy of social networks for your business, to help you achieve your goals.

Local Search

Online local rankings and mobile accessibility, along with the reliable marketing of the local search engine.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website visible to search engines.

Site Maintenance

While the purpose remains the same: Create awareness or sell a product, your site can not stay in the past.


Internet advertising called “pay per click” is the perfect solution for companies with a limited budget.

Website Development

Having a well-designed website is an important tool to improve your business.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Our company offers high-quality digital marketing and website design services, which are customized according to the client’s requirements. We work closely with clients to understand each company’s online audience and address their specific needs. In each project, we involve several web designers to offer more options in designs. Having more options available to you means that you can mix and match elements of different concepts and incorporate them into the final design.

With Digital Marketing We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

By choosing to partner with Redeemers Group Inc, you can be assured of having a fully functional website that effectively reaches your target audience and helps increase your company’s online profile.

Our Success Marketing
Company Team

As the president, Joaquín is naturally adapted to do multiple projects, he loves taking on new challenges, but with caution.

This native of Mexico is an entrepreneur and likes to fish.

Joaquin Santiz


Sales expert and customer service coach. Dedicated to guiding families to conduct their finances correctly.

18 yrs of experience in sales and 5+ yrs training candidates. 

Sheridan Maldonado


Puerto Rican established in the United States for the last 15 years. She studied Communications at the University of the Sacred Heart of San Juan and of course, she loves the beach.

Mayra Alicea Holmes

Project manager

She loves everything that has to do with photos, colors and shapes. Gladys adds that special touch to the pages, so that they look attractive and professional.

Gladys Imperial

Graphic artist

Tony, as we call him, is a salesman disguised as a nerd. Know the sites that are up to date with millions of visitors, how much each letter costs and most importantly … how to generate income.

Anthony White

Creator and Advertiser