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We can help repair your credit before your next big purchase. We have the best credit repair service in the NC area.

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Our credit restoration service will help you to:

Get A New Home

We’ll help fix your credit so you can improve your credit score and get your first home!

Buy a New Car

Don’t get denied for a car loan because bad credit. We’ll remove your collection accounts and help you get approved.

Reach your Personal goals

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Reach the financial goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Get approved for credit cards

Stop getting denied for credit cards. We’ll help to boost your score so you can get approved for those cards to get that revolving account you need.

Get The Job Of Your Dreams

Your chances of finding a great improve when you have good credit. 

Save in interest rates

Save money with a good credit that provides you with low interest on credit cards, loans and credit lines.


Fix the issues on your credit report today. Improve your scores.
Our Services make it simple. If you are ready to move forward,
we are here to help!


It’s Never Too Late
You can try to do it on your own but, with Redeemer’s Group it is faster and we do it right from the start.

What is fico?

You Need to Know!
A poor FICO score means paying higher interest rates on everything from a mortgage to auto financing.


Never exceed 30% of a credit card limit.
You should forget your max limit and remember the 30% limit. Don’t overextend yourself and pay on time.
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Goodwill Letters

Cease & Desist Letters

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