How to Grow Your Business in 2020

How to Grow a Business

There is no answers harder to find than the one that makes you clear on; “how to make my company grow”. That is the question of the hour. The answer is hidden but it exists. It exists in your pocket. The worst idea that you can have as an entrepreneur is, not investing in promotion “advertising” because it is very expensive.


Is it expensive… well, It depends. It all depends on how you do it. If you learn to lead with your social networks, you can do it yourself and you save that money. If you know how to design images, logos, you can design your own art and you save, you only pay the cost for printing.

But!!!! STOP!!

If you don’t know how to do neither one; You will have to INVEST. Yes, I said invest and not SPEND. Many people see it as an expense but I hope that after reading this “blog” you end up seeing it as an intelligent investment to achieve growth in your business. It depends on how much you INVEST, it will be at a large scale or we will move forward at the speed of a turtle.

In short, smart investment can take you from a business card to social networks, or even the radio or billboards and if you’re a little more daring, you could get to the big screen with ads from your company. This would be the best and fastest way to raise the percentage of leads, calls, visits to our sites, and more customers which will translate into a lot of money. So do not skimp on investing in the promotion of your business.

Get informed! do it with the best but first, sit down to have an evaluation of your inputs and outputs, your long and short term goals and then having a clear vision of what you want, proceed to invest in promotion, and the rest, will come by itself, and what’s coming is business…

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