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As your advisor, we expand our focus beyond your everyday needs to deliver short-term and long-term accounting and marketing solutions that save time and preserve resources. Our smart, analytical insights will make sense of your tax preparation, lowering your tax exposure, and increase profits so your business can grow through great marketing ideas.

We’ll provide a steady supply of reliable advice and direction along with a number of essential accounting services including bookkeeping, credit restoration, and online tax preparation.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your financial stability. We work with you to design a preservation plan to maintain your current wealth and promote growth in the future. 

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Our comprehensive business tax preparation can guarantee no cash is left on the table and provides you peace of mind and confidence to file your tax returns before the Internal Revenue Service.

We use advanced technologies and practices to confirm the time spent on your official documents is targeted on strategy and accuracy rather than information input.


Know your numbers. We’ll keep you on the right track with bookkeeping for small businesses. You can stay focus on growing your business while we save you time and money.

Each month, Redeemer’s will handle as much or as little as you want us to work. Assets, accounts receivable, monthly reconciliations, reviewing transactions to confirm they are within the correct accounts, and produce financial statements.


Our company offers high-quality website styles, SEO and Social Media services among others, that are tailored according to your requirements. We tend to work closely with customers to know your company’s online audience and address their specific necessities. Our marketing solutions are built from the bottom up for each consumer. We analyze your competition, industry, and objectives and tailor the right digital promotion campaign for your business geared for results.


Through evaluating your credit, we will be able to pinpoint the exact items on your credit report that may be responsible for hurting your credit.

We guide you and train you financially. We create the system “Empowered your finances” This gives you the opportunity to receive individual advice on your credit report, how to raise the score, how to pay your debts and much more. We offer 35 free minutes of consultation by phone.


Clean up the errors on your credit report. Improve your scores.
Our program makes it simple. If you are ready to take action,
we are ready to help!


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You can try to do it on your own but, with Redeemer’s Group it is faster and we do it right from the start.

What is fico

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A poor FICO score means paying higher interest rates on everything from a mortgage to auto financing.


Never exceed 30% of a credit card limit.
You should forget your max limit and remember the 30% limit. Don’t overextend yourself and pay on time.

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